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JPEG recovery software is one of the leading image recovery software which restores lost / deleted / inaccessible images from different storage devices like iPods, memory cards or hard disk drives etc. The software recovers the iPod data using a safe, read only recovery procedure through an intuitive user interface which enables even a novice user to carry out the complex image recovery process without any problem. Due to all these exclusive features, the software is recommended by most of the Industry Experts and has been highly adored by passionate customers all over the world. Below are the some details you need to go through before the JPEG image recovery procedure.


What is Sync Error in iPod?

iTunes is the interface application that allows the iPod to interact with the computer to which it is connected. It can be used to sync all the files and folders of the computer to the iPod. iTunes can sync JPEG images to your iPod from several applications or directly from an image folder. The images on iPod Nano can be synced from iPhoto on Macintosh and can be synced from Adobe Photo Shop album or Adobe Photoshop element. However, sometimes it fails to synchronize due to some reason causing inaccessibility of images stored on the iPod.


What are the causes behind Sync Error in iPod Nano?

Suggestions that can increase the chances of image recovery

The JPEG images from the iPod are not permanently erased from its memory. Though being inaccessible to the user, the JPEG images remain intact to the iPod until they are overwritten. The images can never be restored once they are overwritten. Therefore, these are some precautionary steps mentioned below which should be followed right after the sync error in order to avoid permanent image loss.

Exclusive Functionalities of Jpeg recovery software:

Steps to retrieve JPG image from iPod Nano:

Step-1: Connect the iPod to the computer using USB cable. Download and install the demo version of the JPEG recovery software in the hard drive of your computer. After successful installation of the software, select “Recover Photos” from the main screen.


JPEG Recovery Software - Main Screen


Step-2: After that you will get a new window with two different options like “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”. Choose the 2nd option.


JPEG Recovery Software - Select image recovery mode


Step-3: After that select the iPod as the logical drive from which the JPEG images are to be recovered and then click on “Next” to start the scanning process. After scanning is completed, you can view all the JPEG images restoreed from the iPod.


JPEG Recovery Software - Preview Recovered Data


How to avoid JPEG image loss in the future?

  • The best way to prevent image loss in future is to take regular backups of your important JPEG images.
  • You can use a UPS to avoid file system corruption due to sudden power failure.
  • Make sure that the operating system software and the third party utility software you are using are updated ones.
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