Storage devices increase the functionality tremendously when connected with computer systems. Alternatively, feature of expandable memory comes with almost all the devices, which gives the ability to save more files. Files could be videos, songs, photos, documents, etc. that can be saved in the storage device. Portable devices like camcorders, cameras, mobile phones, etc. uses external memory also. OS like Mac, Windows are installed in the system to interact with the hardware but use the internal storage device as primary storage. Hence, due to this reason missing of files occurs. If you have lost the files (suppose .jpeg) from the device then what? You will definitely search the source to restore jpeg files.


Different format of files like photos, audios, videos, documents are all saved on the Mac system’s storage device. Though, Mac OS is one of the best and secured OS but still it has the chances to lose the files. There are many ways by which user can lose the files. Suppose user have lost / deleted the photos files then what will be the first thing that he / she will do? Or what has to be done to recover photo files Mac. Unfortunately, if you are the one to face such condition then don’t panic, because later you will come to know that how easy it is, to recover deleted photos from memory card on Mac. One can easily recover photos after they are missing from the storage device by using the Mac Photo Recovery Tool.


What happens when photos are deleted / lost on a Mac computer?

The deleted / lost photos from Mac systems are not gone anywhere that means they seems to be deleted but the fact is that they are still present in there. After listening this you might be feeling relaxed. This is just like removing the page number from index of the book. Rest of the doubts will be cleared knowing that the images can be retrieved using the Photo Recovery Tool.


Note: Now as you know that the photo files are present in the device so you have to be careful after deletion / loss takes place. The precautionary step is to keep the device idle that will keep the hidden files as it was and will avoid the overlapping / overwriting of data.


Now, here you need to alter your thinking. When you empty the Trash, deleted the files using “Command + Delete” button, format the storage device, reformat the drive, delete the files from externally connected device; that doesn’t mean the files are deleted permanently.  


In other case you may lose the photo files. For example, if you transfer the photo files from one device to another, abruptly removing the connected devices from the system, sudden failure of power or power surge occurrence while transferring the photos, etc. are the reason which results in loss of images and also other files. So, sooner you try to recover the photos the better result you will get as the files will be kept safe in the same place.


Now here you come to the conclusion of rescuing the photos from the Mac computer.

Follow the instructions and gain your photo files back:


Step 1: After launching the software from the very first screen you have to select the “Recover Photos” option. This selection will take you to another screen


Recover Photo Files Mac - Main Screen


Figure 1: Select Recover Photos option

Step 2: Select “Recover Deleted Photo” or “Recover Lost Photo” option from the screen.


Recover Photo Files Mac - Recover Deleted / Lost Photos


Figure 2: Select Recover Deleted / Lost Photos


Step 3: After selecting the “Drive” from third screen just wait, until the photos get recovered. Lastly you will be asked to “Save” the recovered photo file.


Recover Photo Files Mac - Recovered Data


Figure 3: Save Recovered Photos


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