Picture Recovery Software is the best answer for the query. This utility is specially designed to extract the missing images from different storage sources. It’s embedded algorithms are having such complex and impressive strategies to recover missing picture that it can extract the picture lost / deleted from any picture loss scenarios.


The mentioned key features of the tool make it far better than other tools -

  1. Storage devices like iPods, hard disk, external hard disk drives, memory cards, Flash memory, are supported by this tool.
  2. File system like NTFS & FAT (including different versions) are supported by this software.
  3. Accidentally deleted / lost pictures can be recovered using this tool.
  4. 24 * 7 online support is available.
  5. Easy to download & use.

Pictures have various extensions and can be stored in various storage devices. Photos missing scenarios are very common to see as there are number and number of data storage devices are used to store them. Though, there are many instances where pictures could be missing from SD cards but still one can recover them in few minutes. As stated above that using the image recovery software user can get back the images so one can also process to perform JPG recovery from SD card. SD card can be considered as the secondary device to save the photos but if talking about systems then hard disk are used primarily in order to keep the files.


How to recover pictures from hard drive?

Read carefully the features of the software & you will get answers to all your questions. The software supports the recovery from each storage device including hard disk. File system is not an issue as the software has algorithms to extract the photos from hard disk used with any file system.


Sometime the deletion of the photos takes place willingly and rarely unwillingly. Have a glimpse & you will come to know how one can delete the photos. Accidental pressing of “Delete All” button while previewing, emptying the “Recycle Bin”, deleting the files from externally attached storage, etc. are all storage sources of deleting the files. Actually the usage of the software will let you free from this tension i.e. because user can recover the deleted pictures. Acquire the details by clicking http://www.jpegrecoverysoftware.com/deleted-pictures.html.


OS is yet another worrying factor when the photos are lost from the device. OS plays an important role when the photos are kept in the storage devices connected with the system. Suppose you are using the Windows 7 OS. Therefore, after deletion Windows 7 will set those pointers free which were indicating the images in the storage device and the space become empty. But the pictures remains in there and can be recovered using the Recovery Software. If you need to know more about the recovery of picture from Windows 7 then just follow the link.


So one thing is for sure that if user is facing such problem, then he / she should opt for this recovery utility. But, still some doubts have to be cleared from user’s mind…


Here are few steps that will give users the crystal clear way to lead to the recovery of pictures.

Step 1:  Pressing the downloaded exe file will instate the installation of the software. Within quick time software will be installed completely. Click the software icon created on the desktop and you will be greeted with the “Main Screen”. Select the “Recover Photos” option from the screen.

Picture Recovery Software - Main Window

Figure A. Main Screen


Step 2:  In the next screen you will find two options, click either of them depending upon the photo loss scenario.

Picture Recovery Software - Select Recovery Option

Figure B. Select Recover Deleted or Lost Photos


Step 3: As soon as you press the next button the scanning process will start and once it gets completed, the user will be ready to see the recovered files in two types one is Data View & “File Type View”. Save the file after completion of recovery.


Picture Recovery Software - Preview Recovered Files

Figure C. File View

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