Photos are the best way to capture memories of the memorable moment of your life. JPEG is the most popular file format for digital cameras and have .jpg & .jpeg file extension. But loss of JPEG pictures from HDD can happen any time and losing memorable moments is unbearable. You may have taken precautions to protect your photos from loss but you may end up in losing JPEG images at any point of time. There are numbers of reasons caused by unavoidable events which lead to loss of files from the hard drive. Some people have misconception that files that go missing from the HDD can not be recovered back. But it is totally a wrong concept, when any image file or any other files gets erased from the system it is present in some part of the memory & it is recoverable. Only the space is marked as free so that you can save new file. But it is better not to use that drive once you realize the loss. Because if you overwrite the space by adding new files then it will lead to permanent data loss from it. You must be thinking how you can rescue photos from hard drive. You can make use of JPEG file recovery tool to get back pictures from Hard drive. It provides user friendly interface so it does not require any technical knowledge.User can also recover photo files Mac using the Mac Photos Recovery Software.

Let us discuss some reasons that may cause loss of pictures from HDD:

  • Accidental deletion of JPEG images is the most common scenario. You may erase your favorite pictures from HDD using Shift + Delete option instead of unwanted pictures as it bypasses Recycle Bin.

  • When you encounter unexpected power failure while transferring images from external storage device to PC or vice-versa, it interrupts the transferring process resulting in the loss of pictures from hard drive.

  • File system conversion from FAT to NTFS or vice versa also result in loss of files from it.

  • Unintentional formatting of the wrong hard drive containing precious pictures also leads to data loss or if sometimes due to hard drive corruption you may encounter format error which may force you to format the hard disk. As a result loss of files from HDD.

  • Other reasons like file system corruption, application malfunction, re-partitioning errors, etc. also result in loss of pictures from your hard drive.

JPEG Recovery Software is a professional recovery program that helps in recovering pictures from HDD efficiently. It also has the ability to perform jpeg recovery from formatted external hard drive and other storage devices such as  USB flash drives, iPod devices, memory cards, etc. It is executable on both Windows & Mac OS X computers. It comes with an intutive and user-friendly interface making it very simple for users to rescue photos from hard drive with ease.

This program also helps to recover lost JPEG files & also find other deleted or lost media files. It also provides recovery of JPEG images from different brands of digital camera like Nikon, Kodak, Fujifilm, Sony, etc. With the help of this program you can retrieve jpeg pictures from corrupt usb drive on Mac OS X from USB drive and other storage devices. This easy to use app is also capable to restore pictures after deleting recycle bin folder with in few simple mouse clicks.

Simple steps to rescue photos from hard drive:

Step-1: Select “Recover Photos” from the welcome screen. Then you will get two options & you can select either "Recover Lost Photos" or "Recover Deleted Photos"

Rescue Photos from Hard Drive - Main Screen

Step-2: After that select the hard drive from which you have lost JPEG images & then click on "Next" option to start the scanning process.

Rescue Photos from Hard Drive - Select Memory Card

Step-3: Once the recovery process is completed you can view the restored files.

Rescue Photos from Hard Drive - Recovered Files

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