JPEG files are common file formats for digital images. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is a standard method of compressing photographic images. The JPEG file format has been around for many years. With the use of scanners, digital cameras and the World Wide Web, the JPEG format has quickly become the most widely used digital image format. JPEG is supported by many digital cameras and video camcorders that take pictures. The use of JPEG format is supported in HTML and Web applications. One of the great things about JPEG format is the ability to use compression to reduce the file size. JPEG images contain colorful and high-resolution image data. It is one of the common formats for storing and sending images on the Web.

If you have maintained a large collection of digital photos, you may end up having many copies of the same files. You might get bored by seeing the same photos over and over again. You may have several hundreds and thousands of digital pictures stored in various folders on your hard drive.  Locating and removing the duplicates can be very annoying. Sorting all those JPEG files can be difficult because there are just too many of them. Having multiple copies of same files can confuse the user to find which the original one is and which is not. Therefore deleting the one that is duplicate is the best option.


Duplicate files are one of the major causes of unnecessary use of storage space. Therefore, you need to organize your photo collection by removing duplicate JPEG files. People who have a lot of digital photos and desktop wallpapers stored in the PC can rely on the Remo MORE tool. By making use of this tool, you can effortlessly remove duplicate JPEG files. It has an ultimate duplicate file removing feature that helps you to to remove duplicates JPEG files from your PC.


Exclusive Features of Remo MORE Software:

Remo MORE tool provides quick and easy solution to clean duplicates of JPEG files within few clicks. The user-friendly interface makes you browse a list of duplicate JPEG files that can be viewed from the screen. Each file record comes with details about the file format, destination path and file size. You can free up more storage space by selecting and deleting duplicate JPEG files permanently from your computer. The Remo MORE tool is compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 8.The tool not only supports JPEG format but also other file formats.


Find Duplicate-Drive option can find duplicate JPEG files in the selected drive in just one go. Find Duplicate–Folder option finds duplicate JPEG files in the folders selected by you. Once the duplicates are found, you can select them to either send to the recycle bin or delete permanently. The tool has an option to check and uncheck duplicates for all file types at once. It also has the option to check and uncheck duplicates for only particular file types like images, audio files, video files, archives and applications. You can also look up for duplicate files in a drive securely. You will get the detailed analysis of the report of duplicate JPEG files after scanning process.


Steps to remove duplicate JPEG files:


Step-1: Click on Remove Duplicates option from the Optimize screen.

Remove Duplicate JPEG Files - Optimize Screen

Figure 1. Optimize Screen

Step-2: Select Find Duplicate-Folder from Remove Duplicates Screen

Remove Duplicate JPEG Files - Remove Duplicates screen

Figure 2. Remove Duplicates screen

Step-3: Add folders to look for duplicate files


Remove Duplicate JPEG Files - Add Folder

Figure 3. Add Folder

Step-4: Look for image file types as you want to remove duplicate JPEG files.

Remove Duplicate JPEG Files - Look for these file types

Figure 4. Look for Image file types

Step-5: Searching for duplicate files.


Remove Duplicate JPEG Files - Searching Duplicates

Figure 5. Searching Duplicates

Step-6: Total duplicate files found.


Remove Duplicate JPEG Files - Duplicates Files Screen

Figure 6. Duplicates Files Screen